What is Qbicle?

We are a team of enthusiasts who understand the challenges that come attached with setting a business off ground. We have first-hand experience in the setback that businesses face when you concentrate more on handling everyday operations and not on the company’s growth.

Our vision is to develop a work environment which enables you to concentrate on what is actually important, getting the work done and meeting interesting people. All this, while we handle your daily needs.

Qbicle is not just a coworking space in Jaipur ,it’s a community where success is measured by personal fulfillment and not the bottom line.


At Qbicle Properties, our values are based on integrity, quality, partnerships, and community service. Everything we do derives from these values and allows us to better serve our clients and partners. SPI’s greatest asset is our exceptional staff who deliver quality customer service. We anticipate our client’s needs and are ready to assist in solving any problem they may have with helpful and beneficial solutions.

Meet our team
Kathleen May

Vikas Soni


Ronald Fisher

Parag Gupta


Ronald Fisher

Amrita Jiwnani

Operation Manager


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