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With the rise of transition from work-from-home to a coworking space, especially now after lockdown lifting and with the setting up of many startups, a perfect workspace design is getting quite commonplace to think about. To ensure maximum productivity, the interior, design, and many other factors should be given a lot of thought while setting up a coworking space. Qbice has been rated as the best coworking space in Jaipur that incorporates all of this to bring the best work and output efficiency.

While there are many tips to improve workspace, some aspects are to be kept in mind and avoided. We have brought to you five of the mistakes to be avoided while setting up a coworking space:

Do not dissociate everyone. Integrate them.

This is a working space for many people and not just one. Hence, keep the interior engaging and open, let people have their personal space, and make sure they can interact and coordinate with their fellow colleagues. This ensures a space for them to mingle and keeps them connected. Teamwork is built by interactive behavior and rather than keeping isolated cubicles and no place for tea or coffee for interaction, healthy productivity will not arise.

Do not keep it cramped. Use it to build a community

Clients are very imperative to businesses. Keeping an open and engaging client meeting room is very important to impress them. Comfort should be maintained, and this causes a massive impact on the business, a good impact. Some coworking spaces invest in meeting rooms with well-equipped technology for presentations and well-lighted big rooms but remember to be minimal about it. A business’s focus is to grow, ensure your coworking space assists in doing the same. However, it is up to you to ensure that it is neither too big nor too dingy, but just perfect for your space and budget.

Do not be hostile. Be open to partnerships

Certain facilities would be sponsored by one company like the printing machine, and another company would have a decent copier machine, partner with them by offering a service that your company also provides, like let’s say you have a decent meeting room that is used rarely; allow the other companies to use it when required. Partnering in small meaningful ways increases the wholesomeness of the working atmosphere and avoids workplace toxicity. Also, this helps in the long run as it builds a good name for your business and might help you secure good deals.

Do not have a shoddy interior design

The first impression of your coworking space should be warm and inviting; people should be able to have a comfortable coworking space and equipment places at the right distances and have good light and water supply in the washrooms. Corporate psychologists always recommend good, clean workplaces to increase the productivity of office workers. The place you work from should have just the right balance of professionalism and home-like feeling. There’s nothing more that ensures maximum efficiency than this.


Above all, choose a convenient and integrated location for coworking spaces. Try as much as possible to avoid it in outskirts, long-distance areas, or areas with an unstable network connection. Clients prefer easy-to-reach sites, and they’d subconsciously prefer your company if it is in a reachable spot. The employees would also be punctual and involved if coworking spaces are within traveling distance, and this cuts back on long hours of commute frustrating their personal lives.


Setting up a coworking isn’t rocket science but it also must not be rushed. Conduct thorough research on the internet, finalize your target audience, allocate your resources, and create a workspace that is both fun and productive. Your clients will be spending a fair share of their time in there so it is up to you to provide them with the best. Get in touch with Qbicle if you’re after a coworking space that is well planned out. It has been rated as the best coworking space in Jaipur and housed corporate names and humble startups.

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Setting Up a Coworking Space

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