Why Big Corporates Are Moving To Shared Workspaces

With a steady rise in innovative ideas and developments, it is normal to witness the unprecedented demand for renting a coworking space. The thought of following the work pattern in a traditional office is now replaced with a seemingly comfortable yet productive alternative of working in a coworking space in the company of other independent workers equipped with a similar mindset as yourself.

The concept of coworking space that is taking the business industry by the storm is an ingenious method of unlocking your creativity and productivity. The demand for an affordable coworking space in Jaipur is at all-time high and more and more businesses are adopting this new style of working. Here are five tips to boost your productivity while sharing a coworking space:

Don’t be always grumpy

The main aim that drives people to be invested in coworking spaces is in the hope of being acquainted with like-minded people and to create professional relationships. The possibilities of successful collaborations from these spaces are immense. Be sure to make meaningful and beneficial conversations with your peers and keep in mind that it stays productive to both your team and them. It is also the ideal place where you get to learn a lot from people that are more experienced than you. The sense of community you gain as a result of conversing, automatically improves your perspective that helps you tap into the productivity you crave for.

Personalize your desk

One of the most appreciated features of coworking spaces is the ability to choose your own workspace. Be it a small private office or a desk beside your coworkers, the options to choose from are many and varied. Adding a personal touch to your space is something that can result in an instant serotonin boost. The small addition of your favorite plant or a framed photo of your family- the happiness and motivation one gets from such pieces heightens your productivity. Set up your space with the things that let you venture into the productive side. Coworking spaces, being an extreme source of social interactions, can make you crave a little time to yourself and what better way to be yourself than adding personalized touches to your space!

Don’t get carried away

It is quite natural to be carried away by the excitement and fun in a coworking space. The tasks that you tend to overlook in such situations might haunt you when you look into them later. Such situations can discourage you from giving your best. Plan a little for the day ahead before you step into busy work. Making a general structure for the day and setting your timings can give you the motivation to face the never-ending tasks of a day. It is not necessary to carry out your plan for the day in cut right precision. Instead, exercising a general plan and time management can give you a sense of productivity and freshness.

Take some load off

Letting off the steam after a long session of work is vital in a working space. Make sure to take some time off after about fifty minutes of working to get a much-deserved rest both mentally and physically. The breaks need not be that time consuming; just a few minutes of stretching or walking across the room or grabbing a cup of coffee and chatting with your coworker can be a great way of regaining your energy. Taking regular breaks after work sessions can motivate you to work hard.

Don’t be all about the work

Work can get heavily demotivating, especially if you are a start-up company or a freelancer with no higher authorities or colleagues to appreciate your efforts. It is necessary to treat yourself to some nice dinner or a trip to the nearby park with your colleagues once in a while to congratulate yourself on the humongous tasks that you were successful in clearing.


The world of coworking is fun and amazing, there’s no doubt about it, but it is also filled with distractions. Follow the steps that we have listed above and in no time whatsoever, you can create a work environment that is a perfect blend of work and fun. Enhanced productivity is waiting for you at Qbicle. Reward yourself after working and boost the efforts you put by being a part of the best coworking space in Jaipur. Visit the website and book a free tour now.

5 Tips To Increase Productivity In Coworking Space

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