Coworking Spaces Vs Incubator Spaces. What’s the Difference?

The demands for coworking spaces have skyrocketed in recent years. As there is quite some competition amongst those providing these spaces, the owners strive hard to make coworking spaces an ‘impeccable’ working environment. Making it all the better for those stepping into entrepreneurship.

The synergetic setting, coworking puts forward, makes a coworking space optimal for the new entrepreneurs. Let us go through why coworking spaces are beneficial for these new undertakers of the corporate world:

Perks of Coworking Spaces for New Entrepreneurs

The advantages of coworking spaces are countless and makes one want to step into business right away. Here are a few of them the make a coworking space an entrepreneur’s first priority:

Flexible Contract

First and foremost, the contract of a coworking space is flexible. This undeniably eliminates the much-loathed long term contracts and commitment. There is the option of renting spaces on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Also making the initial finance management much simpler. Some coworking spaces even offer renting on an hourly basis. For instance, if there is an urgent meeting or seminar on the way, there is the availability of a fully equipped meeting room. The contract is modifiable, thereby taking tensions off the shoulders of these new entrepreneurs.


Choosing a private office is cumbersome for a new entrepreneur, as this costs a fairly high amount such as rent and furnishing. In most scenarios, the provision of an upfront deposit is also compulsory. When opting for a coworking space, there is a wide range available suited to one’s needs and requirements.

The cost varies according to:

  • Location: Most coworking spaces are situated in a central location that is accessible to everyone. In such cases, it can be slightly costly. But, if the building is located a little away from town the amount is most definitely to be less.

  • Amenities: Most coworking spaces rent includes well-maintained desks and electricity and water bills. Coworking spaces also provide a lot of inclusive facilities too from parking spaces, cafes, gyms, and so on. The utilities needed can also be selective, like on-site receptionists, mail delivery, high-speed internet, etc. So, a new entrepreneur can choose only what is needed, thereby cutting down unnecessary costs.

One can choose according to their affordability and on comparing to private offices, coworking spaces are way cost-friendly.

Vibrant Premises

To carry out tasks efficiently, one must be highly active. Coworking space provides the professional work environment to get one on its feet and work to get the desired outcome. Private offices can become stuffy over time and work from homes can definitely be distractive, proving that coworking spaces are very much advantageous for the first few years in business. And once an entrepreneur gets the breeze of coworking, it is difficult to let go.

Enhanced Productivity

A wide social network, undoubtedly, helps in boosting business. A coworking space is like a whole world accumulated into one building. And since there are different entrepreneurs from the same or different backgrounds a few desks away, any help needed can be fulfilled easily. These work environments support marketing through word of mouth; also, an obvious boon to entrepreneurship.


Coworking which was an unfamiliar name to most until recently has become the new trend. When the newbies to the business understand the benefits of these, they will definitely choose coworking spaces.

With the collaboration of opportunities, heightened creativity and productivity, and not to mention the cost-effectiveness, the benefits undeniably outweigh any negativities. The culture of coworking is flourishing and there’s no denying it. More and more businesses are inclining towards this new style of entrepreneurship as we speak. If you’d like to be a part of the trend and scale your business to new heights then come to Qbicle and unlock the new potential of business with our professional coworking space in Jaipur.

Why Coworking Spaces are Hot Favourites of New Entrepreneurs?

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