Effectively Network in a Co Working Space

No matter which blog you read or whom you talk to, there is one thing that everyone would unanimously agree with. The networking benefits that shared working spaces offer.

And why not. After all, when multiple people come together – each with their own skill set, beliefs, and experience combined growth is bound to happen.

However, which coworking space in Jaipur you look at, although there is a massive probability of growing together, it doesn’t happen in silo.

For one to network, they would have to make efforts. While Qbicle Jaipur conducts regular networking events to ease the transition, a lot of rides on the employees and members as well.

So the question we are going to answer today in the article is how to make the interactions effective and highly productive for a business’s growth. Here are some of the secrets which can transform how your network through your shared office space, completely.

Come out of the shell – begin the conversation

Starting a conversation which is not related to business can be a great place to start. From a basic hello to a chat on the coffee break or a simple touching base in the common events, shared spaces offer massive opportunities for people to better network with each other. The focus always being on making newer connections and making conversations compared to waiting for opportunities to show up for pitching your business.

Share what you know or believe in

A typical shared working space reeks of innovation and creativity. Using the openness nature of coworking spaces, you can put your knowledge in front of an audience that would benefit from it, heavily. You should share the information which others can benefit from in not just their current position but also contribute in the future gain. When we talk about sharing, we are talking strictly on the front of offering knowledge to people. We don’t talk about it in the context of sharing business secrets or your business idea.

Don’t let your passion dim

There are people who say, ‘Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’, they are right. It doesn’t matter how much hard work you put into something, nothing can ever replace your passion. Whenever you are passionate about something, it is visible in your work and your aura. Your passion leaves out a trail of curiosity that helps in building relationships. The same trail is what makes people recommend you to others – all because they feel you can add value in other’s lives.

Don’t focus on networking

When you operate in a shared working space with the only aim of networking, the chances of you being able to do it is very less.

Here’s what to do instead.

Use one of the best offerings of a shared workspace – multiple events. Use the events to talk to people, without any agenda but to make relationships. The shared cafes can also be an amazing place to build brand new connections.

When you talk to people for the sake of getting to know them, being friends with them or making relationships, networking becomes the secondary objective – all the while becoming a lot more achievable.

Networking, although a major coworking space perk, is difficult. You will have to make conscious efforts to build relationships and grow together. All of this can be especially difficult when you partner with coworking space that doesn’t offer any networking events and meetups. Something that truly differentiates Qbicle.

How else do you think entrepreneurs can network with ease in a shared workspace? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Effectively Network in a Co Working Space in Jaipur

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