How to Enhance Socialisation in Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces are always bustling with thoughts, new ideas, and innovation. They are the latest thriving trend in the corporate world and more and more companies are adapting to this new style of working as we speak. Even though this new place of work accommodates people of different professions, companies, and different working styles, there’s always a window for making the coworking space in Jaipur more fun by enhancing the social environment of the working space.

Here are a few ways for enhancing the social environment of the coworking space:

Don’t be all about work

Social interactions in a coworking space are a lot more than head nodding and an awkward grin, no one likes working in a coworking space where they can’t engage in a conversation that is not about work. There are certain social conventions and community gatherings that can be organized where the employees can have an opportunity of interacting outside of the working hours. This will not only help you create a more productive environment but also it will pave a way for a friendlier and joyous environment.

Creating a collaborative environment for introverts and extroverts

Like every other working place, coworking space also involves a combination of introverts and extroverts. While initiating a conversation or getting involved in one is a walk in the park for an extrovert, it may seem like a daunting and terrifying task for an introvert. Therefore organising vacations, social conventions, and occasional brunches will help you make an adaptable and social environment for both introverts and extroverts.

Setting up some office perks

Big market giants like Facebook, Google, and IBM offer certain workplace perks to drive enhanced engagement and creating a productive work environment. Features like a gaming room, pool table, on-site gym will help you in creating a love-filled coworking space. Conduct brief research and see what perks can you introduce in your working space without hampering your budget.

Don’t just focus on the good ones

Scoping out your amazing performers and awarding them with some bonuses and acknowledgment is a great thing to do, but it isn’t that great if you keep neglecting the others. It will lead to the creation of a negative environment between the coworkers and it will soon overpower the positive feelings of the coworking space. Organize events where each and every member of the office is acknowledged and appreciated for his or her performance because a happy employee makes a great employee.

Organise one-to-one meetings

Regular organisation of one-to-one meetings with your employees to see if their demands are not being overlooked and they are being provided with the desired work environment will lead to a positive and productive environment. When employees feel that the company they are working for is concerned about their well-being, it will lead to a productive and happy work environment. Tailor your coworking space into a place where each of your employees feels wanted and respected and experience the social engagement soar.


Coworking spaces may facilitate individuals from different businesses and professions but they still need an environment where they can share their opinions and put their issues forward without hesitation. Therefore following some social and engagement protocols will make employee dissatisfaction crumble and turn it into a happy and formality-free environment. If you are looking for a luxury coworking space in Jaipur that does follow all the things listed above and provides an environment where employees can grow then Qbicle is where you need to move your business next and scale it to new heights.

How to Enhance Socialization in Coworking Spaces?

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