Coffee vs Meeting Room

If you’re just starting out as a freelancer or a small business then meeting with your clients can be an overwhelming task but like any part of your professional life, it is important. When you sit face to face with a client then you can either make a deal or break a deal and your meeting location plays a crucial role in determining that, no matter whoever tells you otherwise.

Starting a business is a daunting task and it’s a high possibility that at the beginning you may not be able to afford a fancy conference hall or meeting room and it can lead to the thought of holding the meeting in a local coffee shop. Now, this practice is not only filled with distractions but it also beholds you from the professional impression that you’ll want to leave on your client.

Why coffee shops are bad for client meetings?

If put honestly then it is not cruel to say that this list is endless but like every other issue, this list also has certain points and mutual hassles that have been experienced by the people all around the globe.

Here are some of the points that we believe are bound to ruin your client meeting:

Shaky network reception

Let’s get something straight having a strong stable internet connection is not a coffee shop’s prime priority therefore you don’t have the right to go all guns blazing when the internet fades away as soon as you churn up your system for your presentation. If you’re thinking of holding your next meeting in a public coffee house then taking unstable internet connectivity into consideration is a must.

Prepare to be disturbed

Now before you go to meet with your client in a public coffee shop remember that it is the most desired place for having first dates or catching up with your old pals. If your luck has decided to turn its back against you then you might run into people who are there to celebrate someone’s birthday from their group. All in all, you can’t expect to have a professional silent work environment amid this chaos and this may lead to a bad impression and ultimately losing a client.

Straight point- It’s not professional

No matter if you’re holding a meeting at Starbucks or Costa, Coffee shop meetings don’t look professional and that is the bottom line. Your client has spared out precious time from his schedule for discussing his project and see what insight and idea do you have for him and he or she is really looking forward to it. When you invite him to your favorite coffee shop it just ruins the whole excitement and experience that he or she had set their minds upon.

Now since we have pointed out why one must not opt for coffee shop meetings we must also let you know what you can do to avoid such scenarios:

Co-working space

The co-working space is the “New black” in the market. It’s professional, it’s affordable and it is what everyone is doing all across the world. Co-working space not only provides you with a lavish work environment but it also fills out the missing piece of professionalism and authenticity your client looks for. Qbicle provides affordable coworking space in Jaipur, custom conference halls, and meeting rooms that come at affordable prices that are bound to befit your finances.

Virtual meetings

The world has gone digital or to be precise has been forced to go digital after this COVID virus hit hard in January 2020. Online meetings and virtual conferences are not considered taboo anymore, they have become a part of almost every business around the globe that caters services digitally. There are certain contractors who provide meeting rooms and halls for virtual meetings and the most amazing thing is they are always light on pockets. Get a professional-looking meeting room set up at your place and mark these words, zoom conference calls will always be more professional than coffee house meetings.


Client meetings are vital for any business therefore if taking a coworking space on the lease or renting space for a virtual meeting is what it takes for you to leave your desired impression then so be it, don’t shy away from it. We at Qbicle pride ourselves for providing the most affordable and professionally appealing coworking spaces in Jaipur.

Its time to make the switch- Meeting rooms over Coffee Shops

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