Most Common Myths about Coworking Spaces in Jaipur

Co-working spaces have been in great demand in recent days and businesses all across the globe have adapted to this new mode of operation. What co-working spaces are and how they work is something we have discussed in our previous blogs so let’s dive into something new and insightful.

As a reputed company that provides lavish and professional coworking spaces in Jaipur, we can confidently state that they are the most favorite option for small businesses and startups. However, just like everything else in this world, there are certain myths and conceptions that are widely spread among the business community in regard to the shared workspaces.

So today, we are going to debunk a few misconceptions and myths once and for all. Let’s get started:

Big enterprises don’t need it

Co-working spaces are without the first option for start-ups and small businesses as their first concern is cut down on operational costs but in recent times, co-working spaces have been a trending choice among the large enterprises. Due to the impeccable flexibility and easy transition options co-working spaces have become a common setup choice with large companies and organizations.

They’re noisy, hence they’re unproductive

This is one of the most heard and the most common myth and the misconception that people have. They believe that since these co-working spaces will also be accommodated by other companies and working professionals are going to be noisy and full of distractions but the reality states totally otherwise. The ample availability of these working spaces provide you with a flexibility of renting a working space that is inhabited by a company of your same domain and there are facilities of sound-proof cabins and rooms as well.

They are expensive

Being a business owner your first priority will always be in finding something that is beautiful, professional but doesn’t costs much. Now, if you were to rent a proper office, you will need some furniture work done, wiring stuff done, employing the maintenance staff, and at the end when you will sum up your expense you’ll realize that you have spent more than you initially planned to. Co-working spaces on the other hand provide you with a professional working space and everything else that your business needs at a monthly affordable membership plans so if you look at it from a long-term perspective then regular office spaces are always more heavy on pockets.

They are for super social people

This is also a misconception or myth that people come across a lot. Some people believe that in order to work in a shared space one must be highly extroverted or extremely social as a leading co-working space provider in Jaipur we can say that it’s not true. Not every single person working in a shared workspace needs constant human interaction or makes random conversations. All you have to do is look for a space that is occupied by people who have a similar work style like yours. This is one of the most amazing benefits of renting a shared working space; you have the flexibility of choosing an isolated room and a desk or in a common space.


Coworking spaces are a unique mode of operation for businesses that are looking to experiments with new business models. At Qbicle, we design our co-working spaces in Jaipur lavishly and keeping your businesses productivity in mind.  If you haven’t been to our venues at then feel free to reach out to us and schedule a tour.

Most Common Myths about Coworking Spaces in Jaipur

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