5 Things to keep in mind while building a coworking space

What strikes your mind when you hear the word coworking space? Bunch of people belonging to different businesses working together in a shared space. That’s pretty much it about the coworking spaces but there are certain things one must keep in mind while renting a Coworking space or if he or she has already rented one.

Your employees will be spending 9-Hours of their daily life there taking your business to new heights and help you achieve your goals. Therefore it is your utmost duty to provide them with a working space that is comfortable, convenient, and most importantly productive.

We have prepared a checklist of 5-key ingredients that you need to keep in mind for getting your Coworking space ready for your team. Let’s get the show on the road:

The physical layout is important, but not that much

We know getting a coworking space that has a beautiful layout with fancy furniture and ambiance is anyone’s first preference. However, one thing that is as important as a lavish office is the environment and vibe it processes. This simply means an office where walls smell of positive thoughts, and each corner of the office is cultivated with passion and motivation. This can be achieved by writing motivational quotes and hanging posters on the office walls strategically at places your employees can’t miss. Never breed strictness and stubbornness into your employees as it can have an immense adverse effect on the office environment.

Go green

No! We’re being totally real right now; an assortment of different plants isn’t just something everyone likes in a café or someone’s social media. Plants and greenery in general breathe life in coworking spaces and also send out a fresh vibe to the people who are working around. At Qbicle, we really take this point into consideration which is why we have been rated as the providers of the best coworking space in Jaipur.

Organize the tech

Large screen size computers, laptops, and mobile phones are an integral part of any office around the world, but as much as they make your office “techy” it also makes your business unprofessional if they aren’t organized. Always get drawers or cabinets for your employees where they can stash their gadgets and all the accessories that they won’t need much during their work hours. Not only it will help your coworking space look organized but it will also lead to enhanced productivity as your team won’t have so many distractions laying around.

Go for private- if you can

Open coworking space or operational rooms cultivate good communication and work ethic- At least that what’s you may have heard. However, the reality is a lot different from this and it is something one must take into account while planning out the layout. According to recent research, employees working on their private desks or in their private cubicles are more productive and more efficient than those working in open rooms. Let’s face it not everyone likes constant interaction and a coworking space forcibly makes one do that, there are going to be consequences.

Lighting and fresh air is important

Always opt for a layout that accommodates proper ventilation and lighting for your employees. Recent research has shown that lack of fresh air or direct sunlight can lead to an immense decrease in serotonin levels. This can lead to massive discomfort for your employees and constant exposure to such a premise can also lead to fatal issues like hypertension and chronic depression, therefore it is utmost that your office is always naturally illuminated.


There are certain things that need to be considered while planning out your coworking space and we believe you’ll hit gold if you do the above listed carefully. However, if you’re looking to avoid all such worries then visit Qbicle where we provide the custom-tailored and best coworking space in Jaipur.

5 Things to Keep in Mind while Building a Coworking Space

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