According to recent research, a well-designed and organized working space can increase the productivity of the employees by 63% and that’s a hefty difference, right?

However, this is not something that is new to the industry experts. Individuals who have been working for years in the corporate industry have all suggested that they feel more motivated and more determined if the requirements of an ideal workspace are have been met. We all know that our work or our state of mind gets hampered even if there’s a slight change in the audio or temperature levels of our working space.

These things are more likely to happen when you’re renting a coworking space and sharing your workspace with other individuals or businesses. However, there are certain things that can be done in order to improve the overall environment in an office or to increase the productivity of your employees.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while setting up an office space:

Proper lighting

You must have heard from your elders that don’t study in dim light otherwise you’re going to harm your eyesight and studies. Well, this stays the same for other things as well. Proper lighting is the key ingredient for increasing productivity in an office space. You can’t expect your employees to meet their deadlines if they can barely read the text of the book placed at their desks. Improper lighting or illumination can cause headaches, eye-strain, fatigue, and irritation. You definitely don’t have any control over the natural lighting if you’re renting an office space in a big corporate building so in order to fill the gap use heavy ceiling lights and other electrical lighting sources.

Comfortable seating is a must

If you have to fix your chair or realign your desk in every The 15-min interval then wrapping up your work by the time your shift ends would be nearly impossible. This can lead to irritation and temperamental issues as your focus and attention are constantly diverted. In today’s world when the majority of the jobs involve sitting around hours having comfortable furniture is a must. Before you purchase the furniture for the office always ensure that the computer screen will be 36-inches away and it will always be placed below the eye-level. Chairs are the most important element therefore always get the ones that provide ample support to the spine and lower back.

No room for loitering

Yes, our parents for always right- unnecessary clutter or loitering will do no good. Clutter may be a source of creativity for genius minds like painters and scientists but to the majority of individuals, it is an activity that hampers the work a lot. If you’re an employee then obviously you won’t have command or control over the cleanliness of the entire building but as once a wise man said- The changes you want to see in the world, start from your own home. Before you commence your work in the morning spend 10 minutes in clearing out the clutter and organizing your stuff. If you are looking for a coworking space nearby then get in touch with us through our website and book a free tour and visit our well organized and clean coworking space in Jaipur.

Room colors are important

It is a very common piece of knowledge that the color scheme of a room can have different psychological effects and mend the ways people think or behave. Knowing this, it is quite possible to increase the productivity of your employees by making a few color tweaks to the room they sit in. According to the interior design experts opting for light color in the working areas or spaces is always an ideal choice as light color shades represent peace, modern and a sleek look.

Should you sit with your employees or alone?

How about both? Hey! Hey! Hold your horses. Let us explain. Most of the large company owners believe that happy employees are productive employees and, to be honest, it is the truth. There are certain benefits of sitting with your employees starting with the fact that for every work-related query they won’t have to walk up to your cabin which means small hiccups will be handled immediately. They will get to know their boss and this will help eliminate the “Boss fear” people are usually filled with. However, always keep a spare cabin for yourself for confidential meetings or having a conversation that you don’t want your employees to become a part of. Having an open and friendly coworking space has no adverse effects and we say this with experience.


Setting up an office or maintaining an office is a tricky task but it is something highly-aspired business owner needs to go through. If you are looking for a coworking space in Jaipur where all these things have already been taken care of then Qbicle is where you need to move your business to.

How to Make Your Office Space More Productive

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