First things first, congratulations on your new business and welcome to the world of endless growth opportunities and cutting edge strategies. One of the most important steps of starting a new business is taking your startup to new heights by renting an office space. However finding the right office space isn’t a walk in the park, it requires more efforts and time than people think.

Renting an office space can either make your business or break your business therefore it is utmost to do it just right. There are certain things one must keep in mind while renting an office space for their business and we have listed some of the key points below. Let’s get the show on the road:

Take your team’s opinion into account

You are not the only person who is going to spending his or her time in the new office but it is your team who will be spending 9-hours of their daily time trying to achieve goals and aim you have aspired for. Therefore it is utmost to have a thorough discussion with them to get to know what are they expecting from the new office and what are the things they’d like to avoid in their new workspace. Ask your team if they’d like to move to a traditional office or wouldn’t mind working in a shared working space as coworking space is one of the most favorite options of businesses all across the world.

What’s your budget

Now once you have cleared out the requirements and have a clear understanding of everything you need in your new office space, it is time to fix your budget. There’s no point in renting a lavish work space if you can’t afford it and you want to ram your head through the wall as the billing cycle approaches. Sit on your desk and do some calculations as to how much the new office rent is going to cost you on a monthly basis but don’t rule out the other expenses as they are the ones that cause the maximum grief. How much the maintenance will be? What would be the best internet plan? Keep all these in mind before signing up an agreement with a contractor.

Is it commutable?

Another most important thing to keep in mind after the budget is the commutability of your new office space. You may find an office space at a surprising price at a remote place but what’s the point if it takes an eternity for your employees to reach because long-distance commute has never been productive and leads to inconsistency in the team’s morale and performance. If you don’t have a team yet then choose an office space that is located in a populated area because the second thing job applicants will ask your HR is “Where is your office located” and what’s the point if it is located two planets away.

It must be something you can grow into

Your office space will represent you and your business therefore don’t play cheeky there otherwise you may regret later. Always go for an office that appropriate amount of space for board meetings, recreational sections, or some vacant space in general that your business can further expand into. As your business grows you and your team will too, therefore, don’t rent office space just to fill the void but always focus on the big picture of expansion.

Traditional office or coworking space

One more culture that has paved its path into the way businesses operate all across the world is the coworking space culture. Businesses all across the world are adapting to this new trend because employees like but because it trumps traditional office space on all fronts. If you’re looking for a shared office space for rent then it won’t be a very complex task to accomplish as tons of agencies and contractors have started renting out office spaces this way.


These are some of the key ingredients that will determine the success of your new office space therefore ensure all these checkboxes while you’re on the hunt. If you’re looking for a well setup shared office space for rent in Jaipur then feel free to visit one of our venues and our experts will walk you through the best coworking space in the city.

Things an Owner Must Keep in Mind Before Renting a Workspace

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