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Over the last few years with factors such as employee rights being stressed on, the office space has undergone multiple revolutions, to ensure employee comfort. With coworking spaces, becoming increasingly popular, one might be wondering about the reasons why large businesses prefer coworking spaces.

From cramped cubicles with plastic dividers to cluttered open floor plans with a noisy and cluttered environment, everything imaginable has been tried and tested, to boost office productivity. What makes coworking spaces so popular?

These spaces are people-centric and offer a sense of belonging, community, and identity, which is far from the feeling of ignorance that one may feel, working in a corporate office building. From coworking spaces in Jaipur to those in Bengaluru, the trend of these flexible office spaces has reached far and wide.

Coworking Spaces

The smell of freshly-ground coffee is in the air, and an energetic environment, sprinkled with contentment, has seized the busy occupants of a space, who are happily working away on their gadgets. No, it’s not a cafe, it is a coworking space!

Contrary to stereotypical views, these spaces are not limited to just freelancers, offices also rent out these spaces to provide a flexible working environment for their workers. Coworking spaces offer a multitude of resources such as meeting rooms, well-stocked pantries, wireless connectivity, and much more.

Access to top-level facilities is just one of the benefits offered by coworking spaces, but there are many more reasons hidden behind the screen of energy.

Why Large Enterprises are Shifting to the New Realm of Coworking Spaces

Coworking Office Space Jaipur

Why are large companies clambering to get their hands on coworking spaces? Here are 5 reasons why:

Access To Innovators

At some point or the other, the top brains of big companies get exhausted, and they’re on the look-out for fresh new ideas that will rejuvenate the company’s think-tank. What better place to start, than coworking spaces?

These spaces are a hub where young innovators and start-ups meet, to collaboratively work towards common goals. For large businesses, they’re a great place to hire talented freelancers, to fuel out-of-the-box ideas and innovations.


Working from home is the new norm, but is the home environment the right replacement for the energized environment of an office? Small businesses and freelancers prefer coworking spaces, as you get access to the right resources, at a pay-by-the-hour rate.

This makes coworking spaces, an affordable choice for not only the small fish but also for big companies, who want to cut down on utility costs such as furniture, space rents, and electricity. It helps save the company a lot of cash, which they can invest in tools to boost the company’s future instead.

Flexibility and Autonomy

Big, multinational businesses often offer the choice of coworking spaces to employees, who stay far away and find it hard to commute to-and-fro to the office every day. This makes the employees appreciate the work- flexibility that is offered to them, and also saves the time spent on long, grueling commutes.

And what’s in it for the company? Improved productivity! A grateful employee, always goes the extra mile, to prove his value to the company, through hard work and sheer determination. It’s a win-win for both sides.

Culture and Community

In today’s world, connections go a long way. Not only do large-businesses get access to a great selection of innovators, but the company’s employees find a sense of community and belonging, which is otherwise absent in the detached monotony of a conventional office.

People from different specialty bases and diverse walks of life have the chance to collaborate on common aspirations. Forget boring team-building exercises that often inspire a series of eye-rolls, the community energy of coworking spaces is the way to go.

Improved Productivity and Credibility

What’s an added benefit of having employees work in coworking spaces? The productive energy of these spaces is infectious. The determination with which different groups work together, fuels everyone who is working in these spaces to carry forward their work with complete motivation.

It is not just the energy fueled environment, that boosts the worker bees, but it is also the feeling of value that they get. This makes them more credible to the company and works efficiently to meet deadlines. Everything is effortlessly managed, through flexible hours.


Say goodbye to those long grueling hours, that was a cause of a suffocated feeling! Big companies understand the value that their employees can add by being satisfied and are shifting to coworking spaces to ensure productivity and motivation. Coworking spaces are essentially the aura of collaboration and innovation. The culture of coworking isn’t a taboo anymore so if you’re on the hunt for a flexible and affordable coworking space in Jaipur then do book a free tour with Qbicle.

Coworking spaces offer great benefits to both parties – happiness, satisfaction, and a non-stressful environment for employees, and cost-savings and a higher degree of productivity for the businesses.

After all, content employees, equal to a successful and top-notch company!

5 Reasons Why Large Businesses Prefer Coworking Spaces

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