None of us can work in discomfort. And all of us have realized that certain environments are conducive to work while others just suck out our interests. Therefore, it’s imperative to build an office space that stimulates people in it to work and bring out the best of their potential. Read the article to pile up some ideas on ways to make your workspace more productive.

Ways to Make Office Space Productive

How to make the most of your office space?

Entrepreneurship and productivity go hand in hand. The ambiance you work in decides the quality of ideas that brews in your mind. This is the sole reason behind the gradual change in the workspace culture that we have been witnessing. From compact cubicles to sprawling halls and exquisite ceilings, office spaces have evolved over the years to boost the creativity of the employees and in turn, win a magical lead in the market.

Now, if you are excited as well as inquisitive about remodeling your workspace to see an escalation in the results produced, then read below to get enlightened on the same.

Design the layout judiciously

An office layout should be thoughtfully created. Besides separating the different departments your office deals in, there is much more to designing the layout. Make sure that the passage for clients to the chamber does not have a messy storeroom or a washroom along the way. This definitely ruins the reputation and even the vibe of your office. Do not install essential tools like a scanner or printer miles away from the working space.

Focus on the color

Find it strange and unimportant? Though underrated, the colors of offices are very potent in enhancing creativity, elevating motivation, and producing the best of results. The impact primarily is on the subconscious of the employees. Just imagine, would you like to work in a place that has its walls colored in some dark and dingy hues and you feel as if the room is engulfing you? Hope you understood my point. Therefore, be very meticulous while setting the color theme of your office space. Find out what suits your business aesthetics the best and how you want your employees to be.

Encourage privacy

Though open workspaces are highly preferred and are prevailing these days, they are often the reason for the intrusion of privacy and making creativity sporadic. Therefore introduce cubicles to encourage the private space of your employees. But keep the cubicles spacious and their walls low to support interaction. So, work towards helping your employees balance between interaction and privacy.

Focus on lighting

This is completely self-explanatory. Working in dingy rooms with less exposure to light is definitely a tough job. Let me tell you here, that neuroscientists have revealed that good lighting can reduce the work stress of the employees. So, create large windows and doors to improve the exposure to daylight. Often when the mind gets thronged, a look at the lush green trees or edifices standing tall against the skyline can be a wonderful way to restore the interest in work.

Keep a check on the ergonomic factors

This plays a very important role in keeping employees glued to the work. While talking about ergonomic factors we mean the physical comfort imparted to the people in the work environment. It is evident that employees will have to sit for long hours. So make sure that the chairs are comfortable. Adjustable and rotatable chairs are preferable. It gives people a sense of freedom. Besides, the balance between the heights of tables and chairs, the distance of the computer screen, the level of sight, all of these must be taken into consideration and maintained properly.

Coworking spaces: An emerging area to magnify productivity and reduce expenditure

Coworking Office Space

Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in this decade. If you are new to this term, then know that it is a common area, unlike a regular office space, which is shared by people from different companies, working on different projects. They provide basic amenities like printers, Wi-Fi, conference halls, and so on. Be it, entrepreneurs, or other professionals, they have recently been looking for these flexible coworking spaces nearby.

In the case of Jaipur, productivity and outcome have escalated due to these coworking spaces. If you are looking for a coworking space in Jaipur, then contacting Qbicle would be an ideal option and this is based on the premise of their amazing and spacious coworking spaces.


A lot of attention is given to improving the aesthetics of places lately. But it’s important to understand that improving the aesthetics, incorporating a lot of elements, making a space super colorful does not boost productivity. As discussed above, focus on maintaining proportions, improving ergonomic factors, adding natural elements, making the space fresh, airy, and authentic with equal attention to the employee’s physical and mental comfort. These will certainly pay off big.

Ways to Make Office Space Productive

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