How to run a successful coworking space

As companies become more conscious about the quality of their workers, they find that catering to their needs and ensuring better mental health is a sure-fire way to increase productivity and loyalty to the company.

A coworking space can reduce commuting time, can motivate long-distance workers, and generate prospects for freelancers.

What is a coworking space?

It is a common office environment shared by people of different companies. It looks and functions like any normal office, but the workers are a part of different companies. A coworking space may either function as a daily working area, or temporary working space for teams of different organizations collaborating on a project.

What facilities should you provide?

Any office space must at least have desks, washrooms, WiFi connectivity. These are the facilities you must provide. Needless to say, the working space should have sufficient lighting, comfortable temperatures, and should not be very noisy.

Having said that, some coworking spaces provide additional services such as a receptionist, business experts for guidance and advice to startups, special memberships privileges, snacks, meeting rooms, recreational spaces, and other office equipment like printers, scanners, and phones. A growing trend in the world of coworking spaces is the facility of a yoga space.

Elements that make a successful coworking space:

If you want your coworking space to show up when people search for “best coworking space in Jaipur”, here are a few things you can do:

Researching your target market

Finding out whether there are any market gaps is a make or break for any business. If there is no need for your service, people will not buy it. Research the workforce you wish to target. Find out what their needs are, what facilities they might need, what additional requirements they might have. Offering these provisions at your coworking space will make it attractive.


The interiors of office space should be determined on your target market. If you’re targeting freelancers, the layout should be more open, so as to generate conversation. Similarly, if you’re targeting work teams, there should be ample spaces to hold meetings without disturbing other teams.

Accessible location

A coworking space can only become successful if it is accessible by the target market. It should be located in a moderately active area, where other services are available close by, but it is not very noisy. Public transport should also be easily accessible.

Hosting networking events

An important factor of a coworking space is the energy that fills the office. Interacting with people of different companies and learning from them is a motivating factor that pushes each individual to work harder. Networking events provide a good opportunity for those at the coworking space to find new prospects.

Equipping offices

Providing additional services in the space will mean that more time is spent in space. This means your clients are more likely to continue using your service and help in attracting a larger share of the market. The latest technology, worthwhile guidance, and delicious snacks can boost the quality of your space.

Providing flexible pricing

Since not every client will have similar needs, it might fare well to offer multiple membership plans, so the client can choose one that best fits their requirements. The pricing can vary depending on the number of office hours, the number of team members, and the use of additional facilities.

Advantages of running a coworking space

Coworking Office Space

Multiple sources of revenue

It is quite a common issue with people who rent their space for commercial purposes that they don’t receive rents on time. With coworking spaces, each company sharing the space will have to pay you their share, not just for space, but for additional services as well. With multiple sources of income for the same space, even if one company delays payment, you need not worry.

Creating a pool of talent

Creating a space where many different people work means that a diverse collection of talents and skills is available to each worker. Each company or firm that hires the place adds some value to productivity. It becomes easier for firms to reach out to each other. Even the employees get to meet people from different genres.

Forming a community

When people of different interests meet and work together as a whole a sense of belongingness is developed. This creates a better coordinative and diverse community to be a part of.

Difficulties that may arise

Things an Owner Must Keep in Mind Before Renting a Workspace

Managing collection of payments

Due to the different membership plans and additional facilities that the workers may have, it may be difficult to keep a track of the payments you need to collect. Fortunately, automatizing payments can make this easy and smooth-running.

Differences between clients

Creating a community will obviously come with differences of opinions. Having an expert available for conflict resolution and HR management can boost business relations and create a healthy environment for all.

Final Tips

Even though your space will be used by different companies, your coworking space will also be a brand, and it is important to create an impactful identity. Market your spaces and services well.

How to Run a Successful Coworking Space?

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