Coworking Spaces - A Lot More Than Just a Shared Working place

Coworking space has become increasingly popular over the last few years, all over the world. This popularity is largely due to the affordability, and convenience offered by these shared working spaces. But in their true essence, there’s a lot more to a coworking space, than is evident at first. So what are these factors that appeal to people, ultimately helping coworking spaces flourish? Let’s have a look.

Sense of Community and Belonging

Coworking spaces offer a perception of community to everyone who works there. People don’t feel pressured to don a work persona, while they work, helping them think of their work as more meaningful, as opposed to conventional offices, or a regular cafe. There is little to no internal office politics or vehement competition, which enhances the overall community sense, provided in these shared office spaces.

A coworking space imbibes the norm of mutual support and respect, which propagates multi-disciplinary networking and collaboration. These community values such as collaboration, learning as well as sustainability, perfectly describe the sense of belonging that one experiences in a coworking space.

Flexibility and Job Control

In the early stages, coworking spaces were conceptualized to provide flexible leases to businesses whose requirements were constantly changing. But these spaces also offer a balanced autonomy and flexibility for people working here.

As shared workspaces are usually open 24×7, workers have the freedom to alter their daily schedules to their preference. They are free to select the best working hours for themselves, take an extra-long break, and head home, select a noiseless space for undivided focus on their work, or if they prefer work in an interactive space, that is charged with collaboration.


As opposed to the monotonous context offered by dull, boring, and ubiquitous office cubicles, coworking spaces exude a greater amount of creativity and vibrance. Each space has a distinct personality, owing to its different interior concepts and space usage.

While some spaces aim for more earthy, and sustainable concepts such as keeping potted plants all over the office, other spaces may curate a more tech-based, minimal concept to appeal to young crowds, such as introducing arcade games in designated locations. There’s a perfect fit, for everyone‘s taste!

Work Structure and Discipline

While coworking spaces offer a great deal of flexibility, they also induce a disciplined structure, to the professional lives of people working here, especially freelancers. While an excess of autonomy may cripple productive outcomes, coworking spaces offer both flexibility, as well as a structured routine.

This paradox is owing to the community here, which motivates people, especially independent workers to stick to at least a basic form of working schedule, for exercising a basic, yet appropriate degree of control, over their work.

Shared Facilities

These shared spaces provide access to the luxury of certainly viable amenities, which would otherwise be out of the budget, for freelancers, and startups. These facilities include meeting rooms, equipment for activities such as printing, and even gym and pool facilities. Some coworking spaces even offer mental health support, with their in-house counseling at discounted rates.


Research has shown that meeting a client in a more informal and collaborative setting such as a coworking space, leads to a stronger client-worker bond, and can lead to a more regular or even permanent flow of work. These informal settings also lead to more enjoyable conversations between colleagues, over coffee.


The amalgamation of a perfectly designed work context, with an efficiently-curated work environment, induces a sense of identity and community, which helps people enjoy and be productive in co-working scenarios. If you’re on the hunt for an astounding and affordable shared working space in Jaipur then Qbicle has to be your go-to option. Everyone can be themselves, while working efficiently, here!

Coworking Spaces – A Lot More Than Just a Shared Working Place

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