Must-Have Technological Tools for Coworking Spaces

While coworking spaces may not provide customers all the working materials they might need, it enhances the attractiveness of the coworking space if they equip customers with technological tools, and ultimately make it the best coworking spaces in Jaipur. These extra facilities are important for posing as a serious coworking space where people can get work done.

Here’s a list of some of the most important tools


This is the single most important facility that any coworking space must provide. Of course, it shouldn’t just be for the namesake. When you’re subscribing to a connection, consider that you eventually will have many customers trying to connect to the internet and download files that are perhaps heavy.

If your customers need to work online or have online meetings, they should be able to do so uninterruptedly. Ensuring there is good WiFi connectivity in all areas of your space is also important.

Flat Screens and Projectors

These are essentials for conference rooms. Any conference room must have projectors and white screens so that meetings can go smoothly. You should also ensure that these are connected to the internet and are updated technologies so that they can be used independently.

HDMI Cables and Other Accessories

While you are not expected to provide a computer or tablet to each customer, a coworking space that is better equipped with wiring has a definite edge over those which don’t. Customers should be able to connect to the projectors, and customers might be able to spend more time in the space if they can charge their devices. Keeping a stock of some chargers can never hurt.


Some coworking spaces go the extra mile and provide 3D printers, but if you are only starting out, providing access to a simple laser printer can be sufficient. Customers should be able to connect with it over WiFi. Also, providing one that can also scan, fax, and copy can make work easy for customers.

If you connect the speaker to your intranet, it can be easy to control and maintain, and overcrowding can be avoided. Printers are one technological tool that can end up paying for itself as customers can be charged according to the volume of sheets they print.


In addition to the conference room are speakers. But, non-conventionally, speakers can also be used to play ambient music. Since research has found that some forms of music can increase productivity, these tracks might help customers stay on track. On the other hand, sound can be made accessible by providing earphones. If you are aiming at maintaining quiet in the coworking spaces, customers might benefit from using headphones or earphones for any phone calls or meetings.


As we said, you are not expected to provide a computer to every customer, but a couple of computers might prove beneficial for those that mostly work on paper, but could use a quick Google or email check. A computer connected to the projector also might save trouble during conference room meetings as customers can simply use a Pendrive to transfer files instead of trying to find the correct connecting wires.


These computers should have essential software that is used in every office. Documents, spreadsheets, and presentation software are required. Additionally, all technologies should be up to date and should work at convenient speeds.


As the culture of coworking space gains popularity, it is becoming more and more important to be able to provide customers with the latest technological tools to aid their working process. A coworking space that can provide all these facilities will be preferred over another that doesn’t. Providing these tools makes the customer and his working space more mobile, which is the main aim of coworking spaces. Visit a free tour at Qbicle and experience the best coworking space in Jaipur that is equipped with all the necessary technological advancements.

Must-Have Technological Tools for Coworking Spaces

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