Why Big Corporates Are Moving To Shared Workspaces

As the world is going digital, the concept of ‘work-from-home’ is being adopted by a multitude of companies, both big and small. Earlier, coworking spaces were synonymous with startups and remote workers, but today the working environment is seeing a large shift towards these shared workspaces. So why is there a change in the dynamic? Why are big corporates shifting towards coworking spaces, here’s why we think the shift is happening:

Benefits Offered by Coworking Spaces to Big Corporates

The needs and goals of every enterprise vary with time, and coworking spaces offer a huge number of benefits that are pivoting large corporations towards them, at a rapid pace.

Business Dynamics

With markets changing at the blink of an eye, corporates need to adapt to these fluctuations. To keep up the pace with dynamic customer bases, and to overtake their competition, corporates often turn to coworking spaces for short-term leases, to immediately address the market requirements. Coworking spaces already have an infrastructure in place and are ideal for short term projects.


Irrespective of the size of the company, coworking spaces offer an array of facilities, that is otherwise quite limited when compared to traditional office spaces. These shared workspaces offer much more than excellent Wi-FI connectivity, and also include a well-stocked pantry, cutting-edge technology for seamless conferences, and much more. Renting out these spaces also eradicates the necessity of interior design and furnishings, as these flexible workspaces already have plush furnishings that accentuate the working environment.

Footprint and Geography

Large corporations often have a customer base that extends its footprints across regions, and sometimes across countries. If the demand for their product or service surges in a particular area, they can utilize the services offered by coworking spaces, to cater to their customers. Hence, the corporations can pivot and effectively manage the short-term increase in demand, without opening up a new office.

Talent Acquisition

Finding stellar employees, who are willing to uproot their lives, and start fresh in a new region is becoming increasingly difficult. Coworking spaces offer a solution to this problem and help corporates retain employees who are capable of taking the company to great heights. These flexible spaces often cater to those involved in creative, development, and sales roles.

CRE Market Timing

The real estate market is subject to fluctuations, and large corporations find it in their best financial interest to avail of office spaces when the market is down. If the real estate sector is nearing or at its peak while relocating or opening a new branch, corporates shift into coworking spaces, instead of booking a long-term lease. Coworking spaces help the company cater to their market, and bide their time for more economically feasible leases.

Culture and Engagement

A collaborative workspace proliferates innovation and motivates employees to be more productive, and meet deadlines within the stipulated time. An open and collegial atmosphere enables colleagues to deploy critical skills and establish deeper connections with their network. The employees feel valued, and this, in turn, increases retention rates. Coworking spaces are also an innovative pool, people can acquire new skills, and build on them, through multi-disciplinary collaboration. In fact, research has proved that coworking spaces can boost productivity by up to 16 percent.


Generic cubicles and monotonous office spaces are a thing of the past, and there are multiple tangibles which determine the undisputed success of big corporates, apart from salary packages and employee benefits. In the avidly changing market of the current age, coworking spaces are a force that propels productivity, innovation, and determination through their flexible modules. Qbicle has been at the forefront of providing the best co working spaces in Jaipur at pocket-friendly rates that is why is the most preferred option amongst the big enterprises in Jaipur and nearby localities.

Why Big Corporates Are Moving To Shared Workspaces?

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