Fun Things to Do in a Shared Office Space

People can sometimes have very negative ideas about how shared working spaces work. There are many freelancers who believe that coworking spaces can be another uptight work environment where people only focus on their task and business and then punch out without even saying a word.

However, this image in most cases is simply untrue because a coworking space can play a huge difference in being submerged in work or having uber fun as you alter the world with your new business idea or project.

So let’s see what we do for fun at Qbicle – the most loved shared office space in Jaipur

Pitch Your Business Idea

A shared working space is designed to be filled with a lot of creative minds who are brimming with amazing ideas, waiting to share it with the world so that it can be tested and maybe converted into the next big idea, right? You can bet it is.

We have routine “pitch your business idea” sessions where every member gets to pitch their business idea with the rest of the people in the shared space. The members then chip in on how it could be made better or give an opinion which they might have. This acts as a great space to validate an idea with a legitimate crowd.


Only work and zero play makes EVERYONE super cranky. In fact, just to keep the creative juices flowing, it is so important to find ways to unwind and relax amidst a busy work day. We help our members by giving them a foosball which they can enjoy playing on with their co-worker friend. The game doesn’t just help them in unwinding but also challenge their brain in a completely different, healthy way.

Play with Dogs in the Office

We are a completely dog-friendly shared office space. Any and all kinds of dogs are welcome with us to work. Playing with your dog or someone else’s can not just help you de-stress but can be a great ice breaker with your work neighbor.

Birthday Celebrations

Our community managers love making plans around birthday celebrations. Generally, the members together chip in so that we can celebrate with a big cake. It is not just fun but also acts as a huge way to increase the sense of belongingness amongst the coworking members.

How Can These be Achieved?

Welcome diversity: Spending time with your work colleague is nice, but getting a step out of your comfort zone is even better. Everyone in a coworking space comes from a new background with new thinking ability – even more so than a traditional workspace. Everyone in the shared space has the freedom to share their stories and experiences. This diversity, when embraced with open arms, can open your mind with new ideas and fresh perspectives about people.

Learn the art of ‘small talk’: If a small talk can transform your sulking old neighbor into your best bud and a great helping hand, imagine how easy it would make your life in a shared workspace. All you have to do is begin with a smile and then flow into the conversation direction. Small talks’ can seamlessly turn into amazing conversations. And conversations are just relationships waiting to happen, aren’t they?

Keep inspiring and getting inspired: Everyone of us doesn’t simply work for sustaining a life but to also grow as individual human beings. Inspiration is what can make life good as per our abilities. Getting inspiration is easier in a shared workspace with passion and good vibes lying in every corner.


Although the conventional offices tend to tire you out easily, the shared workspaces get you an opportunity for embracing your passion and creativity – while you meet new people with their own set of creative ideas. The one agenda that we go by at Qbicle is that life is a lot bigger than a stressful workday. Coworking spaces offer us the possibility of doing our job while having fun along the way.

What is the most fun thing that you have done in your shared working space? Share with us in the comments below.

What Are Some of the Fun Things to Do in a Shared Office Space in Jaipur

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