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The growth of coworking spaces in the market across borders is a great sign. It not just means that businesses are taking the choice of finding an alternate professional workspace to avoid overhead. They are also getting attracted by the idea of networking and collaboration that agile sharing workspaces offer. What makes it all the more ideal is that coworking spaces like Qbicle makes it extremely cost-effective compared to owning office spaces.

Coworking Space in Jaipur, like in other areas, not just provide a workspace but also numerous other benefits which are exclusive to the space members. But, before you rent out an office space from some coworking environment, it is important to know what you should be looking for. While there can be several distractions through the way, but knowing the benefits that a coworking space can offer a lot of clarity.


The shared spaces tend to raise the probability of finding like-minded people. It can be a good incentive for business development. Entrepreneurs tend to interact with people coming from different sectors and industries. It doesn’t just foster community feeling but also open avenues of business expansion. 

Well-connected Addresses

One of the most lucrative elements of coworking spaces is the fact that they are generally located centrally inside a city – near enough to public transport, cafes, and other key areas. As and when working from cafes or home fail to offer a good image about the business to the upcoming clients,coworking spaces tend to come in handy with their centrally located nature, cafeteria, dedicated meeting rooms, and the coffee zones to help startups network better.

Doesn’t confine employees to one spot

A coworking space enables employees to move in the workspace as they find the best area for themselves. The make of coworking space is such that it understands that mood changes and affects productivity level to a huge level.  And by changing the seating space, the productivity level also increases by manifold.  

Amazing Discounts and Offers

Working from a coworking space comes with a number of advantages. One of it is the plethora of discounts and offers that they provide to the entrepreneurs. These offers are designed to keep the entrepreneurs invested in the space in return of operational services that makes their life easier.

Opportunity to Attend Events

A number of sharing spaces go through multiple lengths by holding events. It does not just help entrepreneurs in learning new things or skills but also offer them the opportunity to meet and network with new people. These events are great opportunities for people to interact and socialize with their fellows while allowing positive future  collaborations. This aligns with the need of opening newer networking channels and creating an opportunity for new ideas and clients.

Betters Productivity

More than 68% of employees found that they were able to focus better when working out of a coworking space. When you prefer working outside of office but still in a professional environment, renting a coworking space can improve the focus level.  

Greater Flexibility

Shared coworking spaces are all about high flexibility. You get to choose the time, day, and duration of your work. It is all THAT simple.  Renting an office space from some agile shared space provides you the probability of taking charge of your time and work style without thinking about the formalities that are present in an actual office space.

Reduced Operational Costs

For the small business entrepreneurs, the presence of a specific private office spaces are generally very expensive. The advantages of working out of a shared space tend to outweigh the cost to a massive extent. The entrepreneurs get to work in the spaces minus the worry of overhead costs like the internet price, office equipment maintenance, electricity, replenishment of beverages, etc.

Improved Mental Wellbeing

By working in a coworking space, you get to meet newer people and expand your network. This, in turn, helps with avoiding loneliness, bettering the  interpersonal skills. A number of coworking spaces have started hosting well-being sessions to help the members feel good mentally.

So here the key benefits associated with having a shared working space. Can you think of others to add in the list? Share with us in the comments below.

The Key Benefits of Working from Jaipur Co-Working Spaces

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