Why Choose Coworking Over Working From Home?

This year has been a witness to the surge of people working from home and more organizations adopting this culture against the backdrop of the pandemic. After sitting at home during the lockdown and seeing the curve of economic growth flatten, people started finally working from home and getting the work done some way or the other.

But, as people are getting used to working from home they are finding it difficult to do so because of reasons like:

  • Lack of tools 
  • No proper work environment 
  • Inability to manage the difference between home and work 
  • Miscommunication due to network issues 
  • Health issues due to no proper seating arrangements 
  • Mental health issues 

What’s the way out?

One day or the other, people have to slowly transition back to working spaces to tackle these problems. But after Covid-19, it will be difficult to go back to the conventional office spaces considering the financial impact of the pandemic. People will have to adapt to the new normal and that is the culture of renting a coworking space.

A Coworking space ensures that your productivity levels are boosted up and you get a proper environment to work. It provides all the amenities and tools that you might need to do your work more efficiently at almost half the price. If you are a business owner in Jaipur and are looking for an affordable coworking space in Jaipur, Qbicle is the place to be. It is an amazing co-working space provided with all the amenities and tools included that cater to your needs. We also provide proper seating arrangements that you will find the most appealing compared to others.

Is coworking space really the answer?

In order to put it bluntly and simply then yes, it is. Coworking space is a fusion of everything a business owner would want for a business. From affordable pricing to professional premises, they pack everything that is needed to kindle the curiosity.

To paint the picture even clearer, here are a few benefits a coworking space offers:

How to run a successful coworking space


There will be a transition from working from home to working anywhere else but a regular office space. Employees are looking at working from a distance post-Covid-19 which is bound to reflect in the adoption of more flexible workspaces. That’s where coworking spaces come into play by providing flexibility in work culture with separate cubicles and workstations while maintaining proper decorum.


After the dip in profits this year, firms and employees would be looking at a more cost-effective way that would not cause a strain to their budget. Coworking spaces are affordable and reasonably priced so this need is taken care of.

Privacy and Distancing

The physical distancing aspect of the ‘new normal’ order has curbed the chances of people getting back into their office spaces. They would rather work in spaces where there is a limit to the number of workers who can work together while maintaining a healthy distance. This is easier to achieve with coworking spaces as they provide separate office rooms, private desks, and plenty more for those who like to work alone with privacy.

Social Interaction

Lack of social interaction that comes with working from home has affected people’s mental health adversely. By going back to coworking spaces, they would be in an environment of sociability with different people from different backgrounds which will promote a healthy work-life culture.


Despite all the challenges that we have faced, humanity will always find a way to bounce back. Coworking spaces are the solution to the problem that the world has faced since the onset of COVID-19. Qbicle provides you with the ultimate sanitary work experience that is favorable to the post-pandemic life you are getting back to. Our coworking space is sure to ease the burden on your shoulders with its affordability and well-maintained space. If you are after an affordable coworking space in Jaipur that is following all the COVID restrictions that Qbicle has to be your first preference.

How the WFH Culture is a Boon for Coworking Spaces?

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