Coworking Spaces - A Lot More Than Just a Shared Working place

A new line of modern workspaces has been evolving with the industrial changes and increased digitization of businesses. The variety of business spaces available today is enough to make you question convectional desk and cubicle work models and lookout for something new.

Speedy industrialization of cities like Jaipur has also made this different work approaches readily available. It is easy to pick out the best coworking space in Jaipur with an increasing number of business outlets being provided by co-working experts like Qbicle.

The two biggest contenders for new-age working techniques are hot-desking and coworking space. It can get rather confusing when you have to compare and choose between the models.

We have listed out a few reasons why a stable yet fluid Coworking space could be the better option for freelancers and business start-ups. The wide range of benefits involved can help you decide why renting a coworking space is a better option than hot desking.

What differentiates them?

Co-working spaces and hot-desking have both emerged as a new work model that integrates the best of networking and productivity. An increasing number of people seek out shared business spaces for the package benefits that a regular worker can avail.

With a coworking space, you get to choose a defined workspace for yourself and your business in a building shared by different businesses. You can settle on a particular workstation that suits your needs and customize it to get the best personal experience out of it.

Co-working spaces let you share the amenities and space while also setting up a particular chosen workspace for yourself. It lets you keep distractions to a minimum and gives you a safe space where you can think and work.

Hot-desks are work tables that are not permanently assigned to anyone and are always up for grabs as long as they are not occupied. This work culture is set up for short time workers who don’t typically need defined desk space to carry out their work. This type of shared space can often get very muddled. It has been shown that productivity and work security go hand-in-hand. This is why not having a designated workspace often disrupts your work tempo. You cannot personalize your own desk and set it up to suit your comfort when it changes hands every day.

available seating arrangements in a coworking space

What makes coworking space a better option?

There are plenty of reasons that prove that coworking space trumps all the other shared office space models. From security to flexibility, it packs everything that makes it a dream option for every work professional and business.

In order to explain the benefits in the easiest way possible, we have listed out some points that solidify our inclination towards the coworking space culture:

  • Co-workers can set up their workstations in an organized way that suits their individual requirements.
  • A designated space also lets you give your shared workplace a personal touch so that you stay connected to the place where you work.
  • You additionally get to save a lot of time by not having to pack up and put away your belongings every evening and then set them back up the next day.
  • Staying tethered to one location can drastically improve productivity.
  • Co-workers tend to get much less distracted than those who opt to hot-desk.
  • You can set up your routine in a more defined manner while also retaining flexibility in the way you set schedules.


Putting behind conventional cubicles and embracing work-friendly options like Coworking space and hot-desking is the ideal option for upcoming entrepreneurs as well as freelancers.

Co-working spaces are a more suitable option for workers who are aiming at long-term productivity. A dedicated work area can give you more time and energy to focus on your work. Co-working ensures that you are still your own boss while also maintaining your daily workflow.

An increasing number of businesses have been setting up their workers in upcoming cities like Jaipur and Qbicle has been at the forefront of this shift. Qbicle has been rated as the best coworking space in Jaipur and they have helped enterprises and businesses keep up with the pace the work culture is changing.

Why Coworking Space is a Better Option than Hot Desking?

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