How to Enhance Socialisation in Coworking Spaces?

With the fear of Covid-19, imposing restrictions on our movement, we have been forced to turn our homes into workspaces. Working from home can often prove to be ineffective, taking into consideration all the distractions you have to put up back at home. From the bed urging you to lie back down to the pleas of your family to get the house chores done. There are a plethora of things to split your focus and prevent you from giving your best at work.

Another working culture that has raised its head during the pandemic is the culture of working space. In such a time of uncertainty, coworking spaces like Qbicle have come to the aid of the ones in need. These well equipped shared office spaces, with all the basic amenities and enhanced ergonomic comfort, are emerging to be popular choices of professionals from all sectors who are having a hard time getting their work done from their homes.

The culture of coworking space has emerged its head as the best alternative of WFH. We have listed a few reasons why one should turn to coworking rather than working from home:

Professional Environment with All Amenities

Sitting at home we might not be able to avail of all the facilities and comfort which is offered in a coworking space. Well for starters, the biggest advantage of all is stable internet. At home, we might not get a proper signal or suffer from lag. But this is all taken care of for you if you move your operation to a coworking space.

Keeps you Connected to the World

Working at home limits interaction with like-minded people and in turn hampers the motivation to work. Rather than sitting in some cozy apartment somewhere in the suburbs of Jaipur, working from home, it is a much-preferred alternative to move your work to a professional coworking space in Jaipur at Qbicle.

In a coworking space, networking with others working on similar or related projects will help you. It will broaden your ideas, increase productivity, instill a sense of emotional well-being and in turn help you produce better outcomes.

Waives worries of scouting for meeting spots

The benefits of renting a coworking space are endless. One of them being completely carefree about finding a decent location for a meeting with your client. For the minimal amount you pay as rent, every coworking space will provide you with meeting halls or lobbies conducive enough to have productive and focused discussions with your clients. This is a luxury you are ought to miss with WFH.

Highly Affordable

Most of the companies have taken a major blow on the financial front and have adapted to the WFH culture to cut down on infrastructural expenses. A coworking space trumps every other working model on this front as well. It is surprisingly affordable and is indeed a much better option for companies or individuals especially when on a budget crunch during the pandemic.  In a coworking space you only need to pay for the space you take up. But that covers an office space based in a prime location to polish your client’s first impression, all basic amenities, equipment, and an appealing work environment.


Even with the vaccine coming out, the COVID-19 virus is here to stay for a long time. There’s no point in hampering the professionalism and productivity of your businesses with WFH for the sake of expenses. It is time to fuel your productivity with a proper office environment teeming with working professionals as you set out on a mission for success. Qbicle is a perfect solution to the downsides of your work from home experience.

Why Coworking is the Best Alternative for WFH?

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