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As the pandemic confines us to our local areas, we look for ways to get our work done. While many people have used coworking spaces since they opened up to the Indian market, for many it is a fairly new concept.

As more people opt for this option instead of traveling long distances to work, the managers and owners of coworking spaces have stepped up their game. Here we’ve listed a few factors that led to the rise in modular coworking space in Jaipur, and other cities:

The Rise in Freelancers and Long Distance Workers

More and more people diverge into creative fields and enjoy working independently. They enjoy the autonomy and liberty of working in their own comfortable ways. On the other hand, companies have started valuing employee skill over availability and convenience. This makes them choose employees that might be situated in different cities, states, or countries. This, as expected, has increased the number of long-distance workers.

However, this autonomy must be kept in check. For those for whom motivating themselves is a task, and who prefer to have a determined structure for their work lives, coworking spaces provide them with a serious productive environment and multiple office resources that allow them to be in a frame of mind to work.

Cutting Costs, Overheads, and Sharing resources

Coworking spaces are not just used by independent workers. Many companies have started grouping employees together according to their residential proximity. This allows teams to work together in a shared office space, without having to commute long distances. This also allows better team bonding and faster communication across departments, while ensuring that the employees are kept accountable.

The costs on travel are saved, and the overheads are now taken care of by the coworking space, saving the company a lot of money to spend on other activities. Coworking spaces offer the basic office amenities such as rec rooms, conference rooms, and WiFi, which allow teams to brainstorm effectively and engage with others.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Most coworking spaces allow for plenty of flexibility. They have different pricing plans and packages that allow you to pay as you go. This means that for days that you feel sicker, or would prefer working from home, you do not have to pay!

As modular coworking spaces rise and become more and more accessible to people who live in remote areas, there is also a rise in possible options for workers. They can try out different coworking spaces to figure out which one fits their needs the best.

Access to Immediate Specialized Help

For freelancers who specialize in a specific field, such as graphic designing, it might be difficult to carry out the financial workings sometimes. Modular coworking spaces often offer specialized help for finance, marketing, or IT to those that struggle. They can thus be great to get some advice and assistance without emptying your pockets.

Networking and Publicity

Coworking spaces are great for networking with others. They offer different spaces where workers can engage with each other and share ideas. Many coworking spaces also plan festivals and events where different workers can socialize.

Of course, while employees socialize with other freelancers and workers from other companies, they market your company and spread the word, which is a great way to get more people to know about you, especially if you’re a young company just starting out.


As coworking spaces adapt to these changes and focus more on their designs and layouts to accommodate different workers and working habits, they become a popular option for companies looking to save costs, increase productivity, and for freelancers looking to gain more structure and socialize with other like-minded individuals. Qbicle has been at the forefront of the coworking industry and it is one of the most trusted providers of the best coworking space in Jaipur.

The Rise of Modular Coworking Offices and Shared Office Spaces

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