5 Reasons Why Large Businesses Prefer Coworking Spaces

When you talk about coworking space in Jaipur, what exactly comes to mind? A cabin stacked with files and a single system in a small space with coffee cups on the table? Well, you are close but not so much.

More and more people have adopted this new way of working and this is only because coworking spaces in Jaipur have proven to be the best alternative to working from home or traditional office. This new style of work has its own perks and they have proven to be extremely helpful to businesses and freelancers who are starting out.

Before we get started with our main topic, your head may be boggling with a very popular question, What is the difference between a traditional workspace and a coworking space? Well, people in coworking spaces don’t work for the same company while in a workspace, they do. Also, in coworking spaces, you do not need to agree to work long-term that has its own financial benefits.

Let’s move ahead and discuss why startups are opting for coworking space.

Cost Effective

It takes a great deal of cash to get an entire, 28 floors building furnished to provide a room for every person. With the rooms, you also have to provide separate desks. The number of chairs would be the same, doesn’t matter what. Instead, just take a room and fit in around 20 members in it comfortably and you save yourself the money for desks and rooms.

Socializing Becomes Easy

If you ever end up in a coworking space, you may have the most fun there. Why? Well, how about that time when you were having a panic attack because your newlywed wife got sick? And your desk neighbor handled the situation and took care of you? Well, you have your answer.


In an environment where everyone is relaxing, you seem to relax too, say at a beach with people lying on the sand, letting their skin soak the sun rays. The same goes with working, somewhere everyone is working to get things done before they hit a deadline can encourage you to work.


When you accommodate your coworking space with others, you will eventually end up picking up a few things from others. Maybe you guys are stuck at the same job but have different ways to complete the task at hand and the other person’s way may turn out to be better. Or you have a friend who has different styles of working that are much more efficient.

Individual Growth

In a coworking space, you are likely to find yourself surrounded by immensely talented people. That can be in any sense. Plus, your communication skills go up a notch if you put in the efforts and take the initiative to talk to others.

Access to Partnership

A coworking space can give more than you realize. With talents and skills, you can also find people that share the same interest as you. This will lead people like you to walk towards the same destiny, you guys can collaborate, make it a team, and work towards similar goals together with each other’s help.


Coworking space is when a group of people works in the same room on different projects individually. Too confusing? Well, it is just people working on their own thing but in an environment that includes others doing the same thing. Also, coworking spaces offer short-term leases, which are beneficial to start-ups, as they might not have the monetary aid for a long-term lease, especially in a skyrocketing real estate economy.

For start-ups, coworking spaces are a boon, when it comes to resources, socialization, and cost-effectiveness. The aura of motivation, determination, and a sense of community, are all advantageous to start-ups. Qbicle offers custom-tailored plans to befit the finances of startups and large enterprises so if you’re looking for the best coworking space in Jaipur that offers both state of the art infrastructure and pocket-friendly pricing, then you know where to go.

Why Startups are Opting for Coworking Space in Jaipur?

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