Why Choose Coworking Over Working From Home?

The phrase “Work from home” may evoke a feeling of an unruffled, anxiety-free work mindset in an employee. On the other hand, as per what the researchers claim, most of the employees find “work from home” to be a synonym of “no or less work,” resulting in a steady decline in the rate of productivity and engagement.

We shall also look into how coworking space can be a solution to this and why one must consider adopting it. Coworking space isn’t a taboo anymore and more and more businesses from both small and large cities are shifting their operations to this new style of working. Qbicle has been established for a fair amount of time now and it won’t be overexaggerating to say that the demand for coworking space in Jaipur is had been surreal over the past few years.

Working From Home Can be a Downturn

The Shortfall Of Trust

The absence of employee-employer physical proximity is an apparent reason for the lack of trust. It’s a work environment that builds and reinforces any belief about an employee and his work as an outcome of constant monitoring by the employer.

While the work from home concept creates multiple loopholes to make excuses, this is an employer’s credence. In this case, genuine reasons can also be assumed to be fake, which might leave a false impression on a new employee.

Lack of Control

Lack of trust and lack of control are concerns that are considerably overlapping in nature. For a manager to have the team under control, the best strategy would be to have a desk-to-desk control system, that would help him make sure that all the staff is at work. But work-from-home makes this task next to impossible as the Manager does not have visibility over his team.

Unmonitored work and frequent breaks are correlated. “Network issues” is an all-time working excuse by an employee in scenarios like – Holding control over a video conference or a similar platform.

Lack of Effective Communication

Although it’s an era of technology, distance can still make communication a bit difficult. The lack of in-person communication can lead to a number of difficulties and conflicts within a team, creating misunderstandings in the group.

Lack of Motivation

Work at home can be indeed distracting. Thinking about a cozy bed, mid-day nap, social media itself is enough for an employee to escape work responsibility, which will eventually lead to a loss of motivation.

The absence of an adequate coworking space certainly implies a lack of community and teamwork. There are high chances of an employee developing the habit of procrastination that will directly reflect the company’s growth.

Risk of Productivity

If we closely observe every factor affecting work from home directly or indirectly in connection with the company’s overall productivity and development. Working at home has all the possible tempting distractions around that might make an individual less productive.

There are chances the employees end up with a disproportionate work-life balance because of extended time spent in digital transformation. It might lead to burnout and work-related stress. Many may not be able to handle it effectively, affecting productivity.

How Coworking Space Serves as a Great Alternate?

What are the New Trends Introduced in the Coworking Culture?

It’s popularly said, “Every problem has a solution”. This is not an exemption and has a working solution which is adapting to a coworking space or creating one in their localities.

It should take only a short time for freelancers, small business groups, and startups to reach the point of realization that ‘work from home’ needs an alternative, and neither can it be a traditional office set up.

A well-formed coworking space between these two extremes can just be a relevant solution for this problem. Working in a coworking environment can ensure control, communication, trust, and various other components without compromising on productivity.

Wrapping It Up

Although working from home has its advantages, the flip side of the coin has some exceptionally considerable concerns as the banes of the job from home and can hardly be advantageous to all on a larger picture. Therefore, coworking can be a happening rescue remedy for the problem. Qbicle is a very common discussing point amongst the freelancers and individuals who are done with the WFH culture and looking for a more productive and collaborative space so if you’re on the hunt for a professional coworking space in Jaipur then we are the ones you’re after.

Why Choose Coworking Over Working From Home?

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