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Isn’t it hard to change a habit? But it’s the necessity now and the most essential part of being safe during these uncertain times. No matter what profession you belong to, there are certain norms and guidelines one must follow in order to be safe and protected amidst the current pandemic and especially when you are a part of a coworking space where you will be sharing your working area with others.

We are given a set of precautions at the workplace that need to be followed. Surely, they do provide enough protection but taking extra care is always best, and the best way to ensure safety is by taking preventive measures on your own.

So, without any further ado, let’s walk through the points to remember when you resume working at your coworking space!

Keep an eye on the social distancing practiced

The best part of going to your coworking space was meeting your friends, and engaging in work with them, wasn’t it? Well, you know what this means. It is best to avoid gathering in groups and catching up on things that have been going on in everyone’s lives.

Good hygiene is a must

One thing you learned that is high on sales is sanitizers and masks. Now, these sanitizers are essential in your workspace too because those are the main ingredients in the recipe of being safe at your coworking space.

Your mini, little protection kit

As mentioned earlier, masks and sanitizers are the first items on your list to carry around. But add wet wipes and gloves to the list too because they are just as important too.

Paperless is the new trend

You know that using cash can backfire, why? Well, because it is touched by a person and you cannot sanitize all the cash you get, can you? So, use digital payment methods to pay for things. Other than that, try not to use paper as much as you can for the same reason.

Food from home is the best

We all get how delicious street food is. But is it worth risking your health for it? No. so, it is best to avoid getting food from somewhere else other than your home. You know what is in it and also can trust it since it is the food you or someone who lives with you prepared.

Stops are a no-no

When you step out of the house, you may get thoughts like, “Hey, I am out anyway. Should I wrap up a darling present for mommy dearest?” But no. That would be a very terrible mistake because stopping to get anything except essentials is only increasing the chances of exposure.

Sharing is not the same as caring today

Should you share your food, water, seat, vehicle, etc with someone? No! Because sharing things with someone else is the same as sharing your masks. So, remember to remind yourself of the need for safety when faced with a situation like this.

Use your things

Sharing should be the last thing on your mind. Which is it is best to make a list and use it for crosschecking if you have everything you will need. Update the list regularly to not forget anything.


If you’re looking for a luxury coworking space provider in Jaipur that not only offers a lavish work environment but has also dealt with the ongoing pandemic in an impeccable way then Qbicle has to be your go-to option. It is important to take care of yourself in a situation like this, so, keeping the points above in your mind will be helpful to use at your coworking space. But other than that, here is a reminder of a couple of general guidelines:

  • Use your elbows or your knuckles to use the buttons on elevators.

  • It’s best to not use your hands to open or close doors, so, use gloves in this case.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly whenever you get the chance to and avoid touching others and unnecessary objects.

  • Vending machines aren’t the best to use right now.

  • Eat lunch at your desk only and sanitize the area before and after you do it, along with your hands.

Things to Keep in Mind Before you Resume Work Post COVID

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