post COVID work scenario

Qbicle is a leading coworking space provider in Jaipur, with properly planned interiors to enhanced productivity and accommodate employers from different sectors, Qbicle has a flawless stint in helping professionals accept the coworking culture as the new normal.

But with the onslaught of the global pandemic, Qbicle too was forced to lock its door in March when the whole country was asked to get packed inside their homes in order to cope with the disastrous global situation. Though almost the entire world sits on the internet and emerges successful in accomplishing tasks online, the impact of physical presence, discussion and collaboration cannot be undermined.

Keeping this in mind, Qbicle decided to leave its door open once again for their customers to impart them the long lost comfortable and convenient work experience. However, in these uncertain and testing times, safety comes first. Therefore, Qbicle has left no stone unturned to adapt to the challenging scenario by devising essential measures to ensure the safety and management of the workspace in the post-COVID 19 scenarios.

Here are the changes introduced on the premises of the Qbicle:

Keep the Virus at Door

Qbicle executes caution at every step. All who enter the premises of the Qbicle are sincerely requested to sanitize their hands. Following it, the body temperature is also recorded so as to make sure that no infected person gets entry into the common workspace. Irrespective of the post one holds, one is expected to undergo these vital procedures. Skipping these would result in the prohibition of entry and strict action thereafter.

No Mask, No Task

All the people who share the workspace have been strictly informed about putting on their masks. Right at the gateway, they are assessed on the very factor. Those without masks are barred entry to the office space. Besides, once they are inside, there is regular supervision to ensure that all have their masks on. Sliding down the masks, folding it, and keeping it in the pocket even momentarily is not entertained.

Revised Seating Arrangement

There has been a modification in the seating arrangements. Desks have been rearranged to bring about social distancing. A safe distance of about an arm’s length is deliberately maintained in the common work area. For employees working as a team, maintaining space between individuals is encouraged.

Constant Employee Health Analysis

Qbicle acknowledges the importance of health not only for the individual but for the people surrounding him/her. It encourages professionals to lead a healthy life in the time of pandemic and has strictly imposed guidelines according to which, people not at ease with their health are not allowed into the workspace.

Wipe the Virus Out

Keep the virus at the door

After the working space is vacated, the cleaning staff get on board. Every day, complete sanitization of the rooms, gadgets, furniture, and other elements inside the premises of Cowork is carried out. Despite the above safety measures, there is every possibility that the virus getting transmitted through people’s clothes or other accessories. An overall sanitization at the end of the day is an assurance of the space being spick and span and safe for the next day.

How Qbicle is Coping with the Post COVID Work Scenario?

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