How to Make Improvements in a Coworking Space in Jaipur?

Coworking spaces are interactive working-pools, where individuals from diverse walks of life gather together to avail facilities that are otherwise not available to them at traditional offices or their homes. The ambiance in these collaborative spaces vary from that offered in offices, and they offer better amenities, in comparison.

These are generally sought after by entrepreneurs, freelancers, and self-employed individuals. They have been the hottest trend in the industry and from coworking spaces in Jaipur to other metropolitans, these spaces are gaining popularity, for the sole reason that they provide a professional setup for businesses and offer a great place to meet clients at affordable rates. They also enable individuals to work together towards common goals.

There are plenty of options to further enhance the experience offered by coworking spaces. It is not just about having a cool design or cost-effective layout, but more about having a productive atmosphere, culture, flexibility, and happiness of the occupants.

Let’s first emphasize the objectives, we try to attain with a coworking space, to further enhance how to improve these spaces.


To create an appealing audience, coworking spaces pay close attention to quality-based objectives, to improve user experience, including:

  • Productivity and creativity

  • Interaction

  • Flexibility

  • Comfort, well being, and interior landscaping

  • Hospitality

  • Brand

  • Pocket-friendly pricing

The ideal coworking space strives to fulfill all of these objectives, through their amenities and design. Here are some of the factors, which go a long way, in the goal of achieving the ideal coworking space.

How Coworking Spaces Can Be Improved?

Coworking spaces can be spruced up, and the ideal working space can be designed, with the following tips and tricks:


Zoning is one of the most important steps in spatial planning. Laying out the plan in a manner that achieves maximum area utilization, and still creates a bifurcation, creates a huge impact. It is highly necessary to differentiate between public and private zones so that the ensuing activities do not collide with each other and cause disturbances.

Providing areas for distinct purposes like private working spaces, open spaces, group or team discussion rooms, meeting rooms, and cafes helps divide activity flow. Having an array of areas help in unleashing the creative juices. A choice in working spaces increases the productivity of the individual.

Break the Ice

Engaging with the fellow members of coworking spaces helps maintain a flow of informational conversation. Maintaining a social culture and scheduling micro-events is a good option, to increase collaboration. The communication helps in maintaining a relationship with the tenant and also helps get positive feedback.

Organisational Apps

One thing that may be a hefty weight on the owner’s pocket but can be done is getting an organisational app developed for your coworking space. These apps significantly ease the process of managing the workspace. These apps make scheduling, chat support, online payments, and complaint redressal, easier for the owner and the tenants, reducing a huge chunk of work. This in turn facilitates the easy and smooth functioning of the coworking space.

Fit that Furniture Well

This one is a bit obvious, but surprisingly is the gateway for errors. Occupants need to be comfortable and the atmosphere needs to be amicable for working. The anthropometry of furniture needs to be within proper standards and adjustable furniture is perfect for coworking spaces. For some health-conscious coworkers or for those who crave a break from long hours of immobility, standing-tables offer a breath of relief.

Mind that Noise

Generally, co-working spaces offer an open plan, in their layouts. Noise in an open plan can be unbearable and hamper efficient functioning. During important work calls, background sounds can leave a negative impression on clients, leaving them frustrated. To counter these issues, the acoustical design lends a helping hand.


Interior landscaping plays a huge role in the modeling of coworking spaces. It instantly sets the mood and changes the vibe of the place. Plants are known to make a person happy and refresh the mood. Having pockets of biophilia around the place will not only make your coworking space attractive but break the monotony for the workers.


We all binge while we work, it helps us think. Keeping snacks handy makes space a little more welcoming and warm. A lot of us are very health conscious, hence the provision of healthy snacks makes it an even more lucrative option.

Whiteboards and Writing On Walls

Noting down important things anywhere and everywhere, due to the lack of convenient access to office stationery, is an issue that can be solved. Providing whiteboards or letting tenants write on the walls gives them a homely feel, and also assures them that their desires are being acknowledged. This improves your bond and increases the number of tenants, who rent out space.


Coworking spaces are the new in-thing and are crucial to understand them and utilize them to the fullest. With simple tweaks in amenities, the ideal coworking space can be achieved, which inculcates comfort and a great ambiance for all. Qbicle has been the most preferred option for providing amazing cowork space in Jaipur to all the businesses around the city. We firmly believe a set of satisfied tenants equal more revenue for the coworking space, in the present and the future!

How to Make Improvements in a Coworking Space in Jaipur?

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