What are the New Trends Introduced in the Coworking Culture?


Coworking spaces are a beautiful and economical option for beginners and startups where one can rent a small space in a big compound and have their privacy and it comprises people belonging to different parts of the city and from diverse walks of life. Hence in the post-Covid era, some new trends have been taken up in these spaces, to ensure everyone’s safety.

New Trends Post Covid-19

Social Distancing

The most important step in the control of the Covid-19 virus is social distancing because it is a highly infectious disease that spreads by droplet infection. Hence every desk at a coworking space should be kept at some distance apart from each other so that the droplets spread by sneezing and coughing, by one individual cannot pass to individuals who are working at nearby desks. Stickers on the floor can help people follow the new norm of social distancing.

Desks with Shields

At offices where the distribution of six-feet apart desks is not viable, the desks should in the least, be equipped with a transparent shield of glass or plastic on their edges so that visibility is not compromised and the droplets are punctuated at the shield itself, instead of spreading from one desk to another. By using these shields, the contaminated droplets remain within the boundaries set by the carrier.

Work-from-home Culture

Following the advent of the pandemic, a brand new culture has emerged in corporate offices. This new culture has been termed as “work-from-home”. In this culture, the majority of work is done at home because today almost every household is equipped with internet connectivity and computers. Not only does this facilitate safety, but it also increases convenience. Big companies are shifting their employees to coworking spaces, and are hence proving that working remotely, at coworking spaces can be equally efficient, if not more.

Mental Health and Support

Post-pandemic, almost every individual has succumbed to the wrath of mental illness, be it depression, panic attacks, or anxiety. So to boost up the morale and bring further efficiency among the people working in coworking spaces, they can implement support from experts in mental health. The pandemic has opened eyes when it comes to the adversity of mental health. Individuals can be provided with motivational sessions, heart-to-heart conversations, meditation exercises, therapy, and much more, within the coworking space.


Sanitization, and disinfection has been playing a key role in establishing resilience against the spread of the virus. Just twenty seconds of thorough handwashing with any soap has the potential to kill harmful bacteria and viruses, and a strong disinfectant can be used to wipe down the floor and surfaces that are points of common contact. To make the intense process of sanitization easier, the materials of these surfaces must be easy to sanitize. Alcohol-based sanitizers can be provided at every desk and disinfectants can be sprayed at the end of the work-day, to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Strict Protocols

Following the onset of the pandemic, it has been a common protocol to check people for common Covid -19 markers, the most crucial being body temperature. At the entry points, the temperature can be checked via forehead thermometers or thermal scanners, and entry is prohibited to those who have a high temperature. Masks are compulsory, and no one is allowed inside the premises of coworking spaces, without a properly worn, 3-ply mask, to curb the spread of infection. Those violating the norms are heavily fined.


The new normal has already demanded the protocol of social distancing from each individual. Keeping these guidelines in mind, coworking spaces have taken an extra step forward, and have segregated all co-working groups and limited their movement to small areas, separated their lavatories, their meeting spots, and other amenities. It may make the employees feel that they are getting confined to limited space but this is the need of the hour, and these steps go a long way in curbing the spread of infections. Survival is the main criterion in today’s pandemic era, hence these changes in floor layouts, are being followed in various coworking spaces.


With a large chunk of the working population flocking to use the benefits offered by a co-working environment, it is of the utmost necessity to follow the Covid-19 protocols established by health organizations and epidemiologists., to curb the spread of the virus. If you are looking for the the best coworking space in Jaipur that follows all the guidelines listed above then Qbicle is where you need to be. We are following these regulations, to ensure overall health and safety, for all.

What are the New Trends Introduced in the Coworking Culture?

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