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In this remarkable era of startups, where each and every individual has secluded himself or herself from working under any large firms and making their owners rich. There is an emerging intention or goal of becoming self-reliant and giving birth to their own startup. And when ideas of startups have to be cooked, a kitchen has to be provided but for a startup to own or rent a whole new office place wouldn’t be economical, that’s where the concept of shared office space comes up.

Like every other city of India, Jaipur is also witnessing a drastic increase in the demand for coworking spaces as it is a city of ambitious entrepreneurs and highly-aspired start-ups. However, there are certain things one must keep in mind before going on the search for the best coworking space in Jaipur.


The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is whether the co-working space is accessible to every other member of your team. The first thing is the transport. Transport is the most important thing to watch out for if you are going to rent a coworking space. May it be by bus, metro or even if someone has a private vehicle, you must see if the roads are well and good or not. If it is located on the outskirts of the city, it should at least have good roads to travel by private or rented vehicles.


Thriving in a startup is itself a grave challenge and hence the co-working space should be having continuous connectivity of electricity. Electricity is the most required amenity in today’s era. Without continuous electricity, assignments could lag down, emails could be delayed, charging could be hampered and what not. Wifi or any other internet connectivity in today’s world is like a soul to our body, without which, nothing can be accomplished. Water is a general requirement for refreshment, washing, cleaning, drinking, hydrating, and satisfying one’s general need. Non-interrupted mobile networks are always a plus point and even food deliveries are required to be available to your location because the harder we work, the more food we eat.

Furniture and Equipment

When a startup is given colors, the peasants are already out of their comfort zone, but a co-working space should always be equipped with comfortable chairs, and/or the couch is always welcomed. Chairs should be well-cushioned and well established with their desks and should be quite comfortable. Couches compliment a co-working space when someone is working for hours on a chair and has a backache, one can always feel free to stretch their legs on a comfortable couch. Drawers are always required for keeping various stationary objects like pens, papers, clips, and other petty objects, proper wiring, and lights, and switchboards at convenient spots are the requirements of the hour.

Privacy and Cooperation

A co-working space should be providing privacy to the rented party for their sweat and slurry. A new party always wants to work in a private space without anyone eavesdropping on them and so that they wouldn’t be in a doubt that at any time their startup idea would be stolen or plagiarized. But on the other hand, the office should also provide a friendly atmosphere so that they do not feel left out in this new place. Privacy and cooperation should always go hand in hand. All the coworkers should be helpful to each other in providing petty jobs like providing refreshments, cracking jokes, sharing memes, going together for small talks and graceful walks and any other you can think of.

Dimensions and Interiors

The co-working space should be quite spacious and adjusting so that the newcomers should not feel compacted and sandwiched in between others. There should be enough space for each individual to stretch their equipment and shouldn’t overlap with anyone else’s belongings. In the same context, the interiors should be quite attractive and calming and be creating a motivating atmosphere through posters of quotes and successful entrepreneurs. There can also be a few indoor plants to boost up the oxygen level of the room. If it’s well ventilated, then indoor plants are not required. But again if the locality is equipped with high levels of pollution, it better not is ventilated.


Well, the other said amenities should be provided along with being economical because a new entrepreneur would seldom be rich. A new startup doesn’t require costly equipment and interiors. All co-working space providers should understand that if the rent is high, it wouldn’t be fetched by new entrepreneurs and would be feasible to a very small population, but if it is low, then anyone craving to have an infrastructure for a startup could use it.


Hence if you are an entrepreneur and have an idea that you think is amazing and can change lives, give all your hard work into it and if you require a co-working space in Jaipur, you wouldn’t have a better option than Qbicle as it fills all the above said requirements. It is in an awesome locality with all the connectivity required, and the interiors are pretty calming. If you want to rent a professional and affordable coworking space in Jaipur, we suggest you pay a visit and check the property to see if befits your needs.

Things to Keep in Mind before Renting a Coworking Space in Jaipur

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