available seating arrangements in a coworking space

In the world of coworking spaces, the seating arrangement, and a well laid out workplace layout is very necessary for enhanced productivity. This will ensure that employees don’t think that they are being punished with a gruesome punishment while they’re on their way to the workplace. The seating arrangement and office layout can be altered in a way to boost productivity and create a fun working experience.

Before we move to our main topic and discuss the kind of seating arrangement a workplace should have here is a heads up on how one should plan the physical layout of the office.

Things to Keep in Mind when Creating the Office Layout

  • Some customers fly solo, while others might come to work as a team. Since a coworking space in Jaipur is open to all, and will likely see different employees every day, your office layout should be able to accommodate different people with different demands.

  • Using plenty of natural light, maintaining air circulation, and using colors that boost productivity will make your space strike your employee as one where they get work done.

  • Seating capacity should be such that it can be increased, or decreased. It thus makes sense to invest in movable furniture, so that your space can accommodate anyone and everyone, without making the space feel crowded.

Seating Arrangements in a Coworking Space

Traditional Office Spaces

Although this is the most outdated layout of office space, it provides the worker with a desk, a chair, and the basic necessities to carry out work in a cubicle. This works great for people who get distracted easily or work with extremely sensitive information. This is not a common option for coworking spaces, but by providing about 4-5 of these traditional working spaces, you can attract customers that value privacy.

Open-air Arrangements

This allows your customers to reap the benefits of a coworking space by allowing interaction with others, encouraging networking, and collaborative work. This is excellent when your customer base is a mix of individual workers and teams. Open-air arrangements are also usually customizable, allowing the employees to move furniture according to their comfort and style.

Creating Workspace Zones

These workspace zones can be governed by different rules, and allow for a fun twist in an office workspace, while also accommodating a diverse customer-base with diverse workspace requirements. Zones can be distinguished on the basis of colors, themes, or furniture styles.

An example would be:-

  • Green Zone: Quiet space

  • Blue Zone: For teams

  • Yellow Zone: For freelancers

If you’ve got a bar-style seating, or special seatings near windows, creating these zones becomes easier. Providing customers with different styles of coworking spaces increases the likelihood that they will return. It is also easier to charge them based on seating if zones are used to distinguish seating.

Individual Workspaces

The idea is to create a private bubble for the worker, while still leaving them the option to be able to socialize and approach others. Bar-style seating, corners, and against walls are effective spaces for individual workers to encourage networking.

Individual workspace arrangements should allow the customer to make the space more or less private, according to their preferences. They should also come with all the facilities within arm’s reach and should be comfortable enough to allow the worker to completely zone into their work without being distracted.

Must-have Arrangements

Collaborative Spaces

Whether your coworking space uses individual work stations or big tables for team settings, it should provide additional rooms for meetings and brainstorming sessions. These rooms need to be booked by teams beforehand and come with projectors, speakers, and other such arrangements.

Private Spaces

Even in a coworking space that mainly caters to teams, it is important that when each worker is working on his/her part of the project, they are able to find a little bit of privacy so they can concentrate. By arranging to seat effectively, a coworking space can allow for networking as well as privacy at the same time, using the same furniture. If your coworking space does not have any traditional spaces or individual workstations, it is important to try and create a sense of distinction between two workers. Although networking is an important characteristic of a coworking space, the most important is work!

Rec Rooms, Corridors, Kitchen, Restrooms

It goes without saying that good coworking spaces provide customers with these extra facilities. The furniture, colors, and items in a recreation room should create a different, relaxed mood so that your customers can enjoy a little break. Before you choose your coworking space seating arrangements, also keep in mind that space will be occupied for the corridors, the kitchen, and restrooms, and that these spaces should be kept completely distinct from the working space.


The seating arrangement of an office can have a major impact on the mental health of workers. If you are looking for an affordable coworking space in Jaipur that follows the best seating practices and arrangements then Qbicle is where you should visit.

What are the Available Seating Arrangements in a CoWorking Space?

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