What does future hold for Coworking spaces?

With the freelancing community and startups growing rapidly the idea of coworking spaces is also expanding its reach. Well, the idea of different industries sharing one roof was born in the last decade. This idea was initially used by freelancers, start-ups, and small companies. But lately, more and more people and large enterprises have started to recognize the advantages of this, and today there are more than 15,000 coworking space providers all over the world. This is expected to double in the next 5 years according to recent research. With researches showing increased output from the coworking spaces, even billion-dollar companies like Apple and Samsung are hopping on to this idea.

With this rapid increase in their demand, this industry in particular also experiences new trends and adaptations and here we have listed out some futuristic trends that can possibly rule the industry of coworking spaces.

Complete Automation

In the coming years, there will be more dynamic changes in the coworking spaces. The space owners are becoming more focused on technological areas. In the beginning, it was required to hire managers for both day shifts and night shifts so the workers can work around the clock. Now with growing technology, complete automation has made it possible to not hire even one manager for space. Using techniques like access cards, automated invoices, and management software a completely automatic process is possible. Confusing processes like meeting room bookings can be done with one stroke of your finger. All these can increase the revenue of the coworking space.

Multi-location Coworking Spaces

Most of today’s businesses will need the workers to travel to different parts of the city. Finding the right place to work in different parts of the city can be exhausting. Multi-location coworking spaces can eliminate this problem. When you are part of a coworking program, you can get access to the coworking spaces spread around the city with an access card. Working from different offices can create new enthusiasm for the workers, getting their creative juices flowing.

One Place Operation

The saying “two heads are better than one” says it all. When people with the same interest work together under the same roof, it produces a niche community. This will definitely improve the outcome as collaborative works and shared ideas increase. Revolutionary ideas come from here.

Green Workspaces

Green eco-friendly office spaces are the latest trend. Most of the young employees share the vision of nature preservation. Working in nature has been proved to be an effective way to improve the productivity of the workers. Coworking spaces apply this by bringing nature inside their office. In this concrete jungle, the sight of a green office must be a beautiful sight.

Going green is not just adding plants to the desk but it is about sustainability. Minimizing plastic usage, electricity conservation, and recycling are the beginning steps. Sapping paper towels with hand dryers and reusing sink water for flushing are other effective steps.

Mobile Coworking Spaces

No one should compromise their personal life for their work life. Choosing the coworking space rather than the rigid traditional schedules may give you the breathing space you require. There are co-living subscriptions available which will let you work while you travel the world. This will beautifully blend the work and fun. Maybe this is one of the reason coworking spaces has gained so much publicity. When you have fun working the output is going to be of the top quality.

Top-notch Interior Designing

When the traditional offices offer you cubicles and stuffy air, the coworking spaces are offering you personal areas, bean bags, nap pods, and sofas. They stand out in their impeccable design. There are standing desks, sitting desks, warm lighting, calm atmosphere are anything else you need for the best outcome. Yoga rooms and massage parlors will be soon added. Positivity and human wellbeing are the priority of the coworking spaces.


It’s safe to say that coworking spaces will be the next big thing. With startups and freelancing businesses growing there will be an unprecedented demand for coworking spaces. They already provide better, cost-effective, out of the box, secure, and happy places for the employees. But we sure will see improved coworking spaces in the coming years.more and more traditional companies are shifting to coworking spaces for the added perks. If you’re looking for an affordable coworking space in Jaipur then Qbicle can be your best as they offer an amazing shared workplace with world-class amenities and that too at pocket-friendly rates.

Thriving Futuristic Trends to Watch Out for in Coworking Spaces

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