How to Make Your Office Space More Productive

The culture of Coworking space is on the up and rise in many parts of Metropolitan India. With its unique advantage of business networking and added work efficiency, an increasing number of start-ups and enterprises are opting to enjoy the utilities of coworking hubs.

Tier-II cities are increasingly moving into joint workspaces thanks to the escalating work dynamic of the industries there. Businesses are expanding into urban capitals which are creating a high demand for more industry-based coworking office space in Jaipur and other cities, like the kind offered by Qbicle.

Our list of the pros and cons of Coworking Space can help you define your business needs to evaluate the right coworking space model for you.

Let’s get started and check out the best and worst of Coworking.

Why you should choose a Coworking Space?

Social Connections

Coworking space is a great way to meet new people from different or similar professions. With other people to share your interest and motivate you to get stuff done, you’re sure to have a much better work experience.


For freelancers and start-up companies, shared spaces are a boon. It adds to the professionalism of your work, making your business seem more reliable. Plus you can manage your work-life balance better when you have a place specially dedicated to your work schedule.

Shared Amenities

Remember that you’ll be sharing all utilities and expenses of the place you’ve rented out which can considerably decrease the pressure on your budget while also providing your business with all the important facilities it requires.

Optimum Work Conditions

At a coworking space, you get to be your own boss. This means that you can schedule your work to your convenience and increase your productivity through more choice-based decisions and lesser external pressure.

Perfect Location

Coworking spaces are usually situated in prime locations around cities so that you can find a building with great access without the hassle of hunting for real estate.

Why Coworking Spaces Might not be Right for You?

Coworking Spaces - A Lot More Than Just a Shared Working place

Lesser Work Structure

If you’re a disorganized person who finds it difficult to structure your work, then renting a coworking space might not be the best option. In shared spaces, it might be difficult to find your focus and there are no external deadlines to tether you to your work.

Expensive Pricing

Some coworking spaces might be more expensive than others so it’s essential to find a place that’s suited to your financial constraints. It’s also much cheaper to just work from home sometimes depending on the kind of work you do.


Coworking spaces have many people from different backgrounds sharing the same workspace. It can be really easy to get distracted by all the different things happening around you.


Coworking spaces are highly suited to the current business atmosphere thanks to a larger community-based work structure. With greater demand for professionally designed coworking office space in Jaipur and other growing cities, there is a strong trend for promoting coworking hubs.

While coworking space is highly advantageous to those who are on the look for a professional and schedule-friendly work experience, it might not be convenient for some others. Without the traditional business structure with a fixed work plan and a supervisor to guide you along, you might find it difficult to keep track of your work.

We have worked hard to develop a convenient rental system to find your ideal Coworking space with all the features suited to your business. Qbicle has a place for you in the best locality of Jaipur with all the best and flexible prices.

Why Coworking is Ideal for You and Why it Isn’t?

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